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Dispute resolution

English High Court considers 'balance of convenience' in Sparta damages ruling

The decision demonstrates how disputes about restrictive covenants are highly fact sensitive and evidence based
Regulatory and compliance

European Parliament formally adopts Product Liability Directive

What changes and practical actions should businesses be considering?
Competition, antitrust and trade

UK competition regulator issues fresh guidance on green collaborations for sustainability

CMA charts way for businesses to navigate sustainability concerns in supply chains while maintaining competition
Regulatory and compliance

UK government unveils draft procurement regulations for public sector bids

Authorities and suppliers will need to keep an eye on information published about procurements and resulting contracts

Marketinglaw update | March 2024

Welcome to the latest edition of Marketinglaw.
Regulatory Outlook

Advertising and marketing | UK Regulatory Outlook March 2024

EU directive to empower consumers for the green transition published in the Official Journal of the EU | European Parliament
Regulatory and compliance

District Court of Amsterdam declares green claims of KLM misleading and unlawful

First Dutch greenwashing case brought in a class action on the legality of advertising statements

Health ministry initiates Spain's regulatory approval of cannabis for medicinal and therapeutic use

A Draft Royal Decree will establish the conditions for elaboration and dispensation based on standardised preparations

Belgium reforms its Civil Code with changes to extra-contractual liability

As Book 6 is comprehensively updated – what are the main changes?
Tech, Media and Comms

Digital ad ruling by CJEU finds IAB Europe 'joint controller' for consent in TCF processing

Businesses relying on the online advertising framework may need to amend policies and user-facing information
Dispute resolution

Breach of duty is not enough to bring a claim for negligence in England

High Court decision serves as reminder that a claimant must prove all constituent elements of a claim in negligence
Regulatory and compliance

The UK Procurement Act 2023 brings new rules for frameworks and dynamic markets

The changes that are set to be introduced later this year could prove useful for both suppliers and authorities