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Banking and finance

France's financial watchdog lays out stance on money laundering for cryptos

ACPR has published its sectoral application principles on anti-money laundering and financing terrorism for digital asset service providers

Regulatory Outlook

Fintech, digital assets, payments and consumer credit | UK Regulatory Outlook January 2023

Edinburgh reforms | Extending confirmation of payee service to additional payment service providers | Measures to combat authorised push payment

Knowledge Notes

UK business law predictions for 2023

As the new year unfolds, we look ahead at what legal developments businesses can expect

ESG, sustainability and responsible business

FCA announces plan to develop a code of conduct for ESG data and ratings providers in UK

Regulator's growing focus on ESG continues with concerns over the subjective nature of sustainability data and greenwashing risk

Financial Services

Confirmation of payee: a valuable international tool in the fight against fraud?

UK and Netherlands adoption will help combat payment fraud domestically but a lack of international uptake is worrying

Retail and Consumer

UK develops thinking on consumer credit law reform but manages expectations

Despite a strong case for reform, the complexities of a 50-year-old regime mean that change will take several years

Financial Services

FTX – another warning shot for crypto audits?

The recent collapse of crypto-exchange FTX highlights the risks associated with auditing crypto-currency businesses


What would Labour do? The 'Start-up review': future policy on UK venture capital, tax incentives, and access to capital

'Start-up review', while not official policy, indicates Labour's thinking on the role of venture capital in stimulating growth

Financial Services

FCA continues to focus on non-financial misconduct and firm culture in UK

The regulator expects firms to consider how to address instances of misconduct inside and outside the workplace as part of

Financial Services

Crypto crisis begs the question in the UK: brave new world, same old problems?

Volatility and failures that hark back to the credit crunch may drive crypto regulation to protect financial stability


Tokenisation of real estate: the way forward

What is needed to bring tokenisation mainstream? The final article in this series offers a route map for implementation


Tokenisation of real estate: what are the barriers?

To succeed, tokenisation must win investor trust and comply with land law's formalities and financial regulation's rigour