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Real estate

Collateral warranties and the right to adjudicate – 'construction contracts' after all?

Court of Appeal reverses first instance decision in Abbey Healthcare v Simply Construct, finding that a collateral warranty was in

Energy and Utilities

Practice note | Structuring a bankable project: energy storage

This practice note – published on Practical Law and co-authored by Caroline Saul of Osborne Clarke and Sam Forrest of

Data-driven business models

Challenging the environmental impact of data-driven business models

Net-zero goals have become a strategic priority for many businesses and so the carbon footprint of data-driven business models has

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Energy and Utilities

What does the Energy Profits Levy mean for the UK energy sector?

How will the tax will be levied and what will be the likely impact on electricity generators, including renewable generators?

Dispute resolution

The Procurement Bill is published a year on from the 2021 Queen's Speech

The much-anticipated reform of public procurement in England has embarked on its passage through Parliament


Net zero infrastructure: Reducing operational carbon in UK building stock

What measures are the UK government taking to tackle the problem of operational carbon in the built environment and what


Global sport gets ready to demonstrate sustainability leadership

The public profile of sport means it must deliver a green agenda to decarbonise its infrastructure, travel and procurement footprint

Dispute resolution

Back to basics: The Pre-Action Protocol for Construction and Engineering Disputes

The series on dispute resolution issues for construction projects takes a look at the protocol that governs issuing proceedings

Dispute resolution

Back to basics: acceleration of construction projects

The series on dispute resolution issues for construction projects considers the implications of contractors speeding up work

Real Estate and Infrastructure

Putting ESG at the heart of regeneration

Regeneration specialists joined an Osborne Clarke roundtable to discuss policies and practical steps to ensure the delivery of sustainable places

The Building Safety Bill

Changes to the UK Building Safety Bill aim to reduce remediation cost burdens on leaseholders

The amendments are part of the government's drive to make the building industry pay significantly for remediation works

Energy and Utilities

Ukraine crisis: How might UK decentralised and renewable energy generators be affected by sanctions?

Generators and users can takes steps to prepare for sanctions on Russian-owned participants in the UK energy industry