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Intellectual property

Unitary Patents and the Unified Patent Court: FAQs

Significant changes to the patent landscape across Europe are coming, what can be expected and what can be done to

Data-driven business models

Future IP issues relating to data-driven business models

This article delves into a selection of future IP issues that owners of data-driven businesses should be aware of. Firstly

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Retail and Consumer

Court of Appeal says overseas online sales of trade marked goods to UK consumers is infringement

Amazon found to infringe UK and EU trade marks for advertising and selling trade marked goods from its US website

Intellectual property

IP basics: what to think about when entering the UK and EU markets (trade marks, copyright, designs)

There are many intellectual property implications for businesses to consider, including the impact of Brexit

Tech, Media and Comms

The metaverse and artificial intelligence: the 'IP is everywhere' problem

Almost all of the metaverse is likely to be someone's intellectual property, which raises issues around AI and the use

Intellectual property

Queen's Speech bill aims to bring gene-edited plants and animals to market

The Genetic Technology (Precision Breeding) Bill seeks to simplify the regulatory regime for precision-bred plants and animals

Life Sciences and Healthcare

New WTO Covid-19 vaccine IP waiver proposed

A new vaccine IP waiver proposal has been published by the WTO Director-General following informal negotiations between the EU, India

Intellectual property

CJEU rejects Poland's challenge to the Copyright in the Digital Single Market Directive Article 17

CJEU Grand Chamber find the safeguards of the provision strike a fair balance between freedom of expression and information, and

Intellectual property

Russia Retaliates Against Sanctions by Curtailing Foreign Owners’ IP rights

The Russian government has responded to western sanctions with new legislation designed to undermine the intellectual prop­erty (IP) rights of

Tech, Media and Comms

IP and the metaverse: ownership and infringement of rights

Platform operators will need to have tools and measures in place that allow them to put an end to infringements


Sport looks to artificial intelligence to deliver competitive edge

As teams and coaches turn to AI data to enhance success, what are the legal challenges and what is on

Intellectual property

Closer look at EUIPO's study on AI's impact on the infringement and enforcement of copyright and designs

IP analysis: Robyn Trigg, Knowledge Lawyer at Osborne Clarke, discusses the European Union Intellectual Property Office's (EUIPO) study on the