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Retail and Consumer

Evolution of retail platforms and marketplaces risks additional regulatory consequences for businesses

The business models of retail platforms and marketplaces can be impacted by financial services regulation – but there are exclusions


Retailers adopt facial recognition technology as regulators play catch-up

Automated facial recognition raises broad challenges for privacy regulators but industries such as retail are using the technology ahead of

Banking and finance

Return of the APP Hydra: Quincecare liability rears its head again

Court of Appeal potentially expands scope of application of the Quincecare duty to individuals giving instructions on their own account


Law Commission concludes English law supports smart contracts

Businesses can take comfort that smart contract technology can create legally binding agreements, but should be aware of remaining areas


Predictions 2022: What could be in store for US and international business?

Businesses will be readying themselves for growth and transformation in a year in which the world hopes to move on


Digitalisation | Five legal and regulatory predictions for 2022

As another year gets underway, and digitalisation continues to transform businesses across all sectors, we offer five predictions for tech


Report on the UK's blockchain landscape confirms London as global hub

The Big Innovation Centre highlights the strength and breadth of UK's blockchain ecosystem in its new report

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Financial Services

Fintech firm's fine for Russian payments highlights breadth of UK sanctions regime

The UK financial sanctions watchdog's fine of TransferGo is a reminder that the sanctions regime applies to fintechs and must

Employment and pensions

Can pension schemes invest in cryptocurrencies?

The recent increase in Bitcoin's price has renewed interest in cryptocurrencies, but what legal issues should trustees consider before investing?

Woolard Review

Pandemic highlights need for FCA to change approach to forbearance

Our series on the Woolard Review concludes with a look at the UK financial regulators measures on forbearance and how

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UKJT consults on new Digital Dispute Resolution Rules for FinTechs

The UK Jurisdiction Taskforce (UKJT) has proposed a new, faster and more flexible approach to dispute resolution tailored for disputes

Woolard Review

Deficiencies in credit information identified by Woolard Review of unsecured credit market

UK regulator's report proposes changes across the market and, in the second in our series on its recommendations, we look