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Incentives for Employees and Clients –
How to Handle it Safely

A common practice with fashion brands is to provide non-cash benefits like clothes to its employees, or sell products to them at highly reduced rates. However, in doing so, the treatment of non-cash benefits for employees of one's own company and of gifts for employees and third parties has been a recurring problem in tax audits for years.

In the past, the fashion industry has therefore always developed new methods of granting such benefits as cost-neutrally as possible. However, this not only leads to escalating discussions with the tax authorities, but also increasingly to criminal proceedings being initiated for tax evasion and social insurance fraud.

There are a few potential problems that can occur with incentives that result in hurting your firm’s performance, not helping it.

In this session, Juliane Drerup-Hero – GC & Compliance officer at Willy Bogner – and Compliance law expert Dr Lars Kutzner will demonstrate common pitfalls and discuss solution models – so that you can grant and accept gifts with peace of mind.

We are happy to invite you to our Fashion & Luxury Law Academy to join our panel for insights and discussion.

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