GDPR for HR: 12 month glance back and look forwards: seminar and networking event

Join us for our first, in person, 'GDPR for HR' event when we will look back at privacy developments over the last 12 months and what they mean for the processing of HR related data AND look at what is fast approaching and how these changes will impact the processing of HR data.  

Did you know …..

  • In July of this year, the Court of Appeal found that using CCTV footage of an employee in the workplace in disciplinary proceedings was unlawful and in breach of GDPR as the employee had not been informed that the CCTV footage might be used for those purposes? 
  • Regulators in both the UK and EU are gearing up to introduce new rules regarding personal data that is processed using AI systems? This will impact the manner in which HR teams are able to introduce AI into their workflow.
  • In the UK, the ICO are investigating the possibility of discrimination where AI systems are used in recruitment?
  • What you can and can't do in respect of the processing of diversity related data varies hugely across the EU? The desire to monitor the experiences of specific employee groups across organisations continues to be high on the agenda for HR teams. 
  • The ICO recently produced draft guidance on "monitoring at work"? The guidance includes a suggestion that employers introduce a clear monitoring standard or policy document which sets out their monitoring practices in a transparent manner. A public consultation is open now and you have the opportunity to feed back any comments.  

We'll be looking at these issues and others including the latest on data subject access requests, data implications of overseas employment and data transfers.


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One London Wall London, United Kingdom EC2Y 5EB

16:00 - 18:30 GMT
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