Eating Compliance for Breakfast | Labour supply chain risk management – new risks, enforcement and supply models

HMRC is stepping up action against suppliers and users in staffing supply chains, and further regulations will affect how contingent workers are engaged and used by companies. In this session we'll look at:

  • the biggest risks for users and suppliers of consultants, contract workers, platform workers and agency workers;
  • issues with some umbrella arrangements and how to reduce risk;
  • when HMRC are likely to bring claims under the new IR35 regime;
  • how to avoid liability bouncing up to your company;
  • risk issues with use of employer of record services and ways to reduce that risk; 
  • the impact of the proposed Platform Workers Directive on use of self employed contractors in the EU from 2024;
  • potential new regulation of umbrella companies; and 
  • how any new UK government will affect the use of contingent worker and flexible workforce arrangements consultants
09:00 - 09:30 BST