Artificial Intelligence and Urban Dynamics: AI-driven insight and efficiency in the built environment

The many interactions that take place in our urban landscapes make them complex environments to understand, manage or change. Ever bigger lakes and flows of data are being generated by the connectivity that is now ubiquitous both for the built environment and the people who work, live and travel within it. Artificial intelligence is increasingly playing its part in cutting through this complexity, delivering insight, enabling automation, supporting decision-making and driving efficiency.

This webinar will offer a discussion of these issues, with examples of how artificial intelligence is supporting urban dynamics, and a consideration of the challenges that may be encountered. We're looking forward to discussing these issues with a panel of guest speakers, including:

  • Naqash Tahir, Executive Director - Global CIO Office at PGIM; and
  • Professor Mark Birkin, Programme Director for Urban Analytics, and Turing Fellow at The Alan Turing Institute. 

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Register here
09:30 - 10:30

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