We assisted VTech, a global electronics manufacturer that was subject to a high profile hack of its computer system. By reason only of it having been the victim of criminal conduct, the client was at risk of regulatory and civil liability elsewhere. VTech was however able to identify the person responsible and we were instructed to liaise with the authorities to ensure that they had that information and then took immediate action to prevent further wrongdoing from occurring.

What we did

We were able to make use of our senior contacts within law enforcement to ensure that the information reached relevant officers despite it being a weekend. An arrest and search operation plan was immediately formulated and executed early the following week. This led to the arrest of the suspect and the prevention of further unauthorised access to our clients systems.


Making a report to the authorities is not straight forward (indeed, in consequence of this matter further changes were made to the system across the UK) but as a result of our contacts we were able to fast track the process and ensure that the problem was closed down as quickly as possible so limiting the potential damage to our client.

Take Away

Early and effective engagement with authorities can assist in mitigating risks that our clients may face, and our direct lines of communication with senior officials at many of the principal UK law enforcement agencies can lead to prompt action being taken to the benefit of clients.