In addition to acting for a wide range of commercial organisations, we also regularly assist senior executives who may be caught in the eye of an investigation storm.

Our expertise includes assisting clients who may be witnesses interviewed subject to compulsory powers, those who are at risk of potential prosecution and those who may wish to secure leniency through engagement with the authorities.

What we've done

Amongst the examples of our work, we are currently acting for a former senior executive of Rolls-Royce, who is anonymously identified in the Deferred Prosecution Agreement accepted by the company, and are working with him with the aim of avoiding his being prosecuted.

In 2018 two directors of XYZ Ltd will face a high profile trial in relation to alleged overseas corruption in a matter which has already seen the company concerned enter into a Deferred Prosecution Agreement with the SFO in relation to the same conduct.

We represented the third director of the company who was interviewed as a suspect under caution. We drafted a detailed prepared statement for the client and submitted lengthy detailed written representations to the SFO, in consequence of which, unlike her former colleagues, she was not prosecuted.

Similarly we act for former Tesco executives who were required to give evidence in the SFO investigation concerning the misstatement of the company's profit.

The SFO then also wanted the clients to give evidence at trial against former colleagues in the trial that followed. The clients did not want to do so, and we were able to achieve that outcome through strategically prepared correspondence and dialogue with the SFO.