Osborne Clarke recruits talented people from diverse socio-economic backgrounds, recognising that your talent potential doesn't stem from your background. To ensure diversity in graduate recruitment in the UK, the firm uses RARE contextual recruitment system. The system looks at the context in which students received their grades. It uses data from all schools in the UK to compare the applicants' grades to the grades in their school in their year.

It highlights the students who have overachieved the grades in their school and those who have achieved in the face of hardship or adversity for example being from a refugee background. We are pleased to say that a number of applicants that might not have come to our attention have done so by using the contextual recruitment system.

On using the system our lead graduate recruitment partner Catherine Wolfenden said: "Osborne Clarke is striving to be an even more diverse and inclusive employer. We are excited and proud to be using the RARE contextual recruitment system as part of our trainee recruitment process. Working with RARE will support our goal to recruit the best candidates from all backgrounds. Contextualised recruitment is a breakthrough that will help us reach excellent people that haven't been progressing through the traditional process."