The New Age of Data in Real Estate – our report with

Media comment: The first in a series of three articles on the use of data in property appears today in leading real estate magazine Estates Gazette

Written on 9 April 2021

Today in Estates Gazette magazine, and on EGi, the first in a series of three articles has been published looking at how data is increasingly being used to improve property management and increase the value of real estate assets.

In this first article, we look at some of the drivers that are moving the real estate sector towards a more data-centric approach, as well as the hurdles created by the sector’s characteristics.

All Estates Gazette articles are behind its paywall so you will require a subscription to access them.

The series of articles, however, follows on from the report we co-authored with Nuveen Real Estate called The New Age of Data in Real Estate.  This report can be downloaded on our website for free.

For more information on how Osborne Clarke can work with you on the digitalisation of your business, or how data can be used to help manage your real estate portfolio, please contact Head of Urban Dynamics Conrad Davies or IP and data partner Tamara Quinn.

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