As everything around us is being transformed by technology, and even our personal perceptions are being adapted and enhanced; the very the question of how our humanity is reflected and understood is raised.

The interplay of the digital and the human

At Osborne Clarke we deal everyday with the challenges and opportunities brought about by digital transformation. We understand the legal impact on businesses, individuals and wider communities, but we wanted to look at the emotive side of technological change. We wanted to see how art – something so unique to mankind – is starting to investigate the interplay of the digital and the human. Artificial intelligence is a potent thing, it suggests autonomy and self-awareness, but is it capable of emotion? And what emotional response does it, can it, draw from us?

The boundaries between art and tech

The artists we have selected and worked with to produce this collection are pushing at the emotional and practical boundaries between art and tech. They are probing, challenging and shaping the role and influence of technology. And they are examining how much machine and technology can be involved in its creation for it still to be the emotive and creative concept that is art.

As we speed ever-faster into a world which is more and more driven and controlled by technology, this collection is about stopping to consider how we will define emotion and creativity in this digital age.

We would like to thank Catherine Thomas of Art Acumen, who led us, helped us and educated us on our journey with patience, insight and joy.