Sabrina is an expert in administrative law and thoroughly understands the workings of the Public Administrations in all its various forms and areas of work.

She specialises in public works/services contracts, services and supplies from the start of a tender to the litigation stage and is particularly skilled in the sectors of healthcare and life science.

In that specific sector Sabrina has performed due – diligence exercises on tender documentation and feasibility studies for the commencement of new tender procedures. She has been involved in proceedings that have led to the annulment of tenders restricting competition to the value of several millions of euro.

She has studied the dynamics of centralised tenders, with particular attention to the health sector and to the functions and responsibilities of the regional central purchasing body.

Sabrina is also interested in the regulation of relations between companies and the National Anti-Corruption Authority. She  has experience of public private partnership in the field of construction and management of public works. She has also provided numerous legal opinions and due diligence reports in matters of administrative law concerning public concessions, energy efficiency of public buildings and public procurement.

Sabrina has accrued particular experience in the management of litigation before the Administrative Law courts, with diversification in the types of proceedings and applicable procedures, which allows her to apply her knowledge to all sectors of business.