UK regulatory timeline 2015-2016: horizon spotting made easy

Written on 7 Oct 2015

UK regulatory timeline

The regulatory landscape in the UK is diverse and complex. Every business has to deal with a host of different regulatory regimes and regulators, each with its own approach to compliance and enforcement. To help you keep up to date with the regulatory changes in the areas that affect you, we produce a regulatory timeline, drawing on the expertise of over 40 lawyers in Osborne Clarke’s Regulatory Group.

Click on any of the links alongside to see what is coming up in that area. To download the full timeline click here.

Osborne Clarke’s regulatory group 

Our Regulatory group has over 40 lawyers crossing borders, service lines and sectors. We advise businesses, regulators and individuals on the full range of issues which the regulatory environment generates:

  • Identification of regulatory risks
  • Achieving compliance in a commercial manner 
  • Training
  • Preparing for a crisis
  • Advice on regulators’ powers 
  • Investigation 
  • Enforcement and prosecution 

Our team also has experience in fraud and investigations, including expertise in the recovery of the proceeds of fraud through civil court actions and white collar criminal investigations and prosecutions.

Regulation is cross-border. We advise clients in Europe, the US and the rest of the world on how regulation impacts on them.

Our services

Identification: Our specialists keep pace with the fast-moving regulatory landscape. We can help you understand the hard and soft law that regulates your business and the individuals working in it.

Achieving compliance commercially: We can help you put in place processes and procedures for regulatory compliance. We are commercially minded and work with clients to stop regulation becoming a burden on business.

Training: Your team needs to understand what regulation means for them. We do more than just update; our training is specific to your needs.

Risk management: We don’t just tell our clients the risks, we tell you how to manage those risks in a way that works for your business.

Preparing for a crisis: Even when a business has focused diligently on compliance and best practice, things can go wrong. We work with clients to put in place crisis management plans and the actions to be taken when incidents do occur.

Advice on regulators’ powers: Understanding how a specific regulator operates and how it will interact with your business is important. We work with clients to develop the right relationship with regulators.

Investigation: We assist clients with internal investigations. When your business is being investigated by a regulator, you also want us by your side. From dawn raids to evidence gathering, our skilled team will work to protect your position.

Enforcement and prosecution: Regulators have a wide range of enforcement powers. Criminal sanctions are available in many situations, both against a company and individuals. We have a breadth of experience in advising clients across the whole spectrum of civil and criminal sanctions.


Our team has experience in dealing with regulators across all sectors. 

A list of some of the regulators we have experience of and which may be relevant to your businesses here

Emergency incidents 

When the regulators turn up on a dawn raid or another regulatory emergency occurs,
you need the right legal team, right now, to support you in the crisis. 

Our Emergency Incident 24 hour telephone line means
you can be guaranteed access to our specialist teams at
any time. 

Our Emergency Incident line provides an immediate call
back service from the right Osborne Clarke specialist for
the crisis, whether it is an environmental disaster, health
and safety incident, dawn raid, loss of key data or a cyber security breach.