Plus X and the future of work

Written on 1 Feb 2021

The future of the office is a key issue for many of our clients right now as demand for flexible office space accelerates. We've been working with the Plus X team for some time and we've always been impressed by their ambition and commitment to innovation. We're pleased to share this video introduction to the Plus X business.

Plus X is aiming to build a national network of specialist innovation hubs which bring together like-minded people in a similar creative and flexible environment. Their ambition is to deliver healthy and effective work spaces, offer specialist equipment and support, curate connection and collaboration, accelerate growth and drive innovation, champion education and skills and maximise social impact.

In partnership with specialist regeneration developer, U+I, Plus X will launch hubs across the UK. Their first innovation hub, Plus X Brighton, is now open and they are evolving their existing site at the Central Research Laboratory, Hayes to launch Plus X Powerhouse in Autumn 2021.