Employment Law in the Netherlands – Are your fixed term contracts ready for 2015?

Written on 6 Jan 2015

Dutch employment law is facing substantial changes in January and July 2015. These changes will impact all businesses employing staff in the Netherlands.

1 January 2015

Notification obligation: employers must inform employees on whether their employment contract will be renewed one month prior to expiry. Breach of this obligation may result in penalties.

Trial period: no trial period may be included in a fixed term employment contract of 6 months or less.

Non-compete: non-compete clauses are not allowed in fixed term employment contracts, regardless the term of the contract.

1 July 2015

A chain of fixed term contracts?
A chain of 3 fixed-term contracts exceeding 2 years in total will automatically convert into an indefinite contract.

Our Advice

Do not forget to check your existing fixed term employment contracts for compliance!

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