Current consultations in employment law

Written on 13 Aug 2015


Closing date



19 August 2015

The government is consulting about making it an offence to use the terms “apprentice” or “apprenticeship” in relation to any course or training unless it is a government funded apprenticeship (see here).

Closing the gender pay gap

6 September 2015

The government is seeking views on the proposal for larger employers to publish gender pay information (see here).

Trade union reform

9 September 2015

The government is proposing a new 40% ballot threshold for taking industrial action in important public services. This means industrial action in those areas will need the support of at least 40% of those entitled to vote (see here).

Hiring agency staff during strike action

9 September 2015

The government plans to change regulations banning employers from hiring agency staff during strike action (see here).

Devolving Sunday trading rules to local areas

16 September 2015

The government published a consultation on proposals to devolve to local areas the power to set Sunday trading rules (see here).

Posted Workers Enforcement Directive

24 September 2015

The government is seeking views on proposals for how the government will comply with the obligations in the Posted Workers Enforcement Directive (see here).

Intermediaries Legislation (IR35): Discussion Document

30 September 2015

The government want to consider the options to make the intermediaries legislation more effective (see here).

Changes to tax treatment of termination payments

16 October 2015

The government is considering how they can make the tax and National Insurance contributions (NICs) treatment of termination payments simpler and fairer (see here).