We help businesses of all sizes across a range of sectors set up joint ventures, allowing our clients to enter  or expand into new markets, develop new products or reinforce relationships between suppliers and customers. We are experienced advisers on transactions involving both local alliances and international joint ventures, together with the associated HR, tax and regulatory issues each brings with it. We support clients on every aspect of a joint venture, from conception through execution to management, including structuring, offshoring, competition issues, contractual architecture, employment issues and intellectual property.

We advise our clients, as shareholder to the joint venture, in the negotiation of their rights and obligations towards the other parties and towards the joint venture itself. We also assist with the drafting of any ancillary agreements supporting the joint venture.

We work with large publicly-listed companies as well as smaller privately-owned companies; whatever your size or structure, or reason to set up a joint venture, we are focused on helping to deliver the growth you are looking to achieve.

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