Disruption to how we use, manage, trade, build, and connect with the built environment continues at pace. The drivers of change are our speciality, including environmental impact, net zero targets, urban dynamics, smart cities integration and the increasing importance of the social impact of the built environment. We're seeing emerging opportunities relating to energy and data across generation, storage and monetisation.


Our expertise across these drivers of change, and our deep industry knowledge, means we can provide legal solutions that deliver the right outcomes for you. Talk to us about logistics, living, regeneration, complex large-scale developments and fast-growth sectors, including life sciences, data centres and renewable energy


For so many reasons, decarbonisation, net zero targets and energy security are firmly on the agenda of all organisations in the built environment.

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As trusted advisors in the Living market, we advise on major projects and collaborations between investors, developers and operators. Our expertise covers everything from the traditional build-to-sell market to newer established asset classes and emerging opportunities.
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Our expertise covers the full lifecycle of these assets. We also advise on the tech, data, energy, ESG and increasing regulation associated with logistics. It's why we're advising on some of the most groundbreaking developments in this space.
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Market disruption
The rate of change across the built environment continues to escalate with new issues, geopolitical pressures and asset classes to contend with. We're continuing to advise at the cutting edge.
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We specialise in working on complex large-scale developments with many moving parts and strategic stakeholders. This includes new suburbs, town centre regeneration and housing projects that can involve the development of public realm spaces and new social infrastructure.
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Tech and data
The application of tech and data in the built environment represents a significant and largely untapped opportunity. It's the route to improved performance, new income streams and innovative tech-driven business models. We can advise on capturing the opportunities while also protecting your interests.
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