Our export control team is built upon strong industry experience, having developed a clear understanding of market practice through our work with a range of clients on export compliance strategies. Our extensive experience liaising with the ECO and HMRC means that we know how the key UK export control regulators operate, what they expect from exporters and how exporters can introduce internal processes that are consistent with regulators' guidance on best practice.

We can help with all aspects of export control regulation, including advising on voluntary disclosures to the ECO and negotiating penalty notices issued by HMRC, licensing issues and visits from the ECO and HMRC, providing export and sanctions advice relating to export of dual-use items outside the EU. We can provide training programs, policies and checklists to support a company's compliance systems. We can also advise on end-user undertaking issues and support goods classification.

The speed at which financial and trade sanctions can be implemented to react to geo-political events means that it is now more important than ever for companies to ensure they have a robust sanctions compliance programme in place. The establishment by the UK government of the Office for Financial Sanctions Implementation has sent a signal to the market that it is serious about enforcing breaches of sanctions legislation in the future.

Our experienced sanctions team advises clients on all aspects of UN, EU and UK sanctions compliance and related issues. We also assist clients to put in place robust sanctions compliance programmes to ensure that transactions with potential sanctions implications are escalated and dealt with at appropriate levels.

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