From telemedicine to remote patient monitoring and management, digital health and MedTech service delivery platforms have been adopted at lightning speeds in recent times. And that growth looks set to continue for years to come.

Wearable gadgets, ingestible sensors, artificial intelligence, mobile health apps, electronic records and more – they’re redefining diagnosis and treatment of medical conditions, and creating new opportunities around the world. With that, of course, comes an equally expansive range of legal considerations and complexities that must be navigated with an expert hand.

Drawing on our considerable heritage in technology and data, Osborne Clarke’s digital health and MedTech team offers specialist support across the sector, covering everything from health data (including data protection), product development and intellectual property, through to private equity, mergers and acquisitions, public procurement, and regulation and compliance.

In a rapidly expanding market, many of our clients aren’t specifically healthcare companies, but due to the data they handle, need our expertise in managing and processing it in a compliant, legal manner. And because digital transformation knows no geographical boundaries, we can advise on international, cross-jurisdictional matters with practical, proven insight.