Osborne Clarke is a trusted long-term adviser to many of the major power and utility firms, particularly providers of electricity and gas. 
We advise them on the wide range of issues that impact their businesses, including: 

•    Significant regeneration projects
•    Large, high-value infrastructure projects
•    Protection of assets
•    Compulsory purchase requirements
•    Energy regulation
•    Connection issues
•    Innovative energy projects
•    Property-related disputes

Our team has a wealth of experience advising on projects at the innovative end of the market. Our lawyers engage with clients in this sector on the impact of transformational trends, particularly digitalisation (including cyber) and decarbonisation. We have specialist experience in advising on innovative smart meter and connection projects.   

We also support the clients in the sector with their business as usual matters, such as contracts, employment law, health and safety, IT, intellectual property, data protection requirements and day-to-day claims and dispute resolution.