Our US-based international expansion and growth team provides some of the fastest growing and most innovative US businesses with cutting edge advice as they expand and grow globally. We advise at every stage of a US company’s international lifecycle starting with the full spectrum of international expansion issues through to the challenges of reaching scale across global markets. Our advice is delivered through a range of services designed to keep pace with businesses that are defining innovation and change.

We have been a respected and established part of the international expansion and growth market for years. Our work has been characterized by high-quality clear and precise advice, giving you commercial certainty, not legal doubts. Our deep sector knowledge comes from acting for an impressive client base and from our team being based across the innovation hotspots of the US. We provide practical day-to-day support in these various time zones, backed by leading experts across Europe and Asia, which allows us to balance our legal advice with cultural considerations.

With a wide breadth of experience and market leading knowledge, combined with pragmatic advice that you'd expect from one of the leading law firms in Europe and Asia, we can help support your business to succeed in global markets.

International Expansion

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