Recent events have propelled biotech and pharmaceuticals into the global spotlight, demonstrating beyond doubt the ability of the sector to produce world-changing responses to critical healthcare challenges.

At the same time, there has been a rewriting of the rules. Cutting-edge technology is being developed and delivered at an unprecedented rate. Approaches to drug discovery have been rethought. Never-before-seen collaborations between pharmaceuticals, biotech and academia are now widespread. Clinical testing and regulatory approval have been accelerated, and we witnessed a mass vaccination programme becoming reality in a fraction of the time thought possible.

This resetting of the parameters brings opportunity for biotech and pharmaceuticals businesses, to develop new technologies, more rapidly than ever before. But it also makes new demands of those businesses. Expectations for delivery to the global market are intensifying, while funding requirements across the discovery and development are heavier for private equity and licensee partners.

For all of these reasons, the support of a legal adviser with broad, in-depth sector specialism is critical. And the Osborne Clarke biotech and pharmaceutical team brings expertise that spans both the scientific and commercial worlds. Possessing academic qualifications and hands-on industry experience, our Europe-wide network of lawyers has built its reputation providing co-ordinated advice to international clients across the sector, including those who support biotech and pharmaceuticals with services and technology.

From complex patent licensing, manufacturing and supply agreements, and technical regulatory advice, through to cross-border mergers and acquisitions, we can help you negotiate the many legal intricacies and emerging complexities you face today. More than that, our sector specialism can help you develop long-term strategic plans, built on the strongest possible legal foundations.