Whether it’s a large data breach, a regulatory investigation, a corruption scandal or a major health and safety incident, no crisis manual or flow diagram will provide you with all the answers. You need the right people around you, exercising sound judgment at all times. Our crisis and reputation management team can handle corporate crises across a range of practice areas and sectors, and is led by commercial and regulatory litigators who are experienced in handling multi-faceted business problems and large volumes of documentation under pressure. They are supported by subject-matter specialists across a range of highly-regulated fields, including bribery and corruption, data protection and cyber security, advertising and marketing, product liability, health and safety, environment, procurement, and competition.

The best way to prepare for a crisis is to practice through preparation and simulation. We can help you streamline your crisis management procedures and devise simulations to put them to the test and prepare for the real event. We are also highly experienced in handling reputational problems arising from intense media scrutiny and online content, which often includes obtaining privacy injunctions, re-balancing online search profiles and identifying anonymous wrongdoers.

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