Catherine is our one-of-a-kind specialist in the commercial and legal implications of digital transformation on our clients’ businesses.

Catherine is to be found at the tech horizon, scanning the advance of digitalisation and transformative technologies. Formerly a competition lawyer, her core expertise is now future-focused, monitoring how digital technology is shifting market dynamics and changing the legal landscape. Catherine's work "joins the dots" across our areas of expertise and extends to wherever our clients are experiencing – or driving – digital transformation.

Catherine was named as one of The Lawyer’s Hot 100 Disruptors for 2019 and selected for the 2019 Women of the Year lunch.

Her work with the wider Transformations team was commended in the Financial Times Innovative Lawyers Europe 2020 awards.

Helping you succeed in tomorrow's world

I make sure that all our lawyers are fully equipped to support our clients in grasping the extraordinary opportunities presented by transformation.

I cover all the major advanced digital technologies such as artificial intelligence and robotics, blockchain or cryptoassets. I look at the Internet of Things and digital twins. I track the progress of immersive technology and monitor transformative tools such as additive manufacturing. I can often be found scanning the tech horizon, particularly the "next frontier" of processing – quantum computing.

I get excited about how data- and tech-centric business models can up-end markets and completely change the rules of the game.