In the current context, where the taxation of multinationals has become a matter of public interest and international tax principles are under review, tax administrations have shown their commitment to review and audit corporate tax affairs. This leads to a corresponding increase in controversies and litigation with local tax authorities. Our international tax team is highly specialised and can provide assistance and advice in all of the various stages of the corresponding tax disputes. We advise regularly on tax audits, information requests, settlement of tax claims and subsequent litigations, both at the local level and before international courts. The potential reputational consequences, which issues of this nature may entail for our clients, require maximum levels of technical expertise and also a deep understanding of the corporate governance aspects of our clients' business.

Transfer pricing disputes are becoming highly specialised, and we are developing teams in each jurisdiction to provide advice in those sectors where the firm is more active, such as tech, media and comms, healthcare or retail. We have also specialised teams in the fields of cross-border indirect taxation, VAT and customs. We are also very active in the discussion and negotiation of Advance Pricing Arrangements in different jurisdictions and have agreed on multi-jurisdictional innovative transfer pricing schemes. 


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