Our focus areas

Energy consumption
In energy consumption, we focus on provision of domestic, commercial and industrial energy to end-users, maximising the efficient usage of electricity and gas, plus new energy service models.
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Energy generation
In energy generation, we work with utilities, developers and funders with a range of challenges, from planning and site acquisition to operations, right through to decommissioning, in areas such as fossil fuels, nuclear and renewables.
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Energy innovation
We bring together our extensive energy market experience and our digital heritage to advise both energy and technology clients on strategically important projects and transactions.
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Energy management
Our energy management practice focuses on advising leading clients that are active in the transportation of energy and the services for management of power-flows across networks.
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Waste and water
Our waste and water practice advises corporates who operate at a local and global scale, on a broad range of legal disciplines, as well as developers and funders on resource management infrastructure projects.
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Decarbonisation Technologies for Cities

What are the top 12 decarbonisation technologies for cities around the world? Find out in our upcoming report - written by Economist Impact