News and deals en Tue, 28 May 2024 15:25:02 +0100 Mon, 27 May 2024 13:52:32 +0100 <a href="/news/osborne-clarke-advises-redstone-vr-ventures-investment-elon-musks-ai-start-xai" hreflang="en">Osborne Clarke advises Redstone / VR Ventures on investment in Elon Musk's AI start-up xAI</a> Osborne Clarke has advised Redstone / VR Ventures on an investment in AI company xAI as part of a Series B financing round totalling USD 6 billion.&nbsp;xAI is working on building Artificial Intelligence (AI) to accelerate human scientific discovery. The company's stated mission is to advance our collective understanding of the universe. xAI is led by Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla and SpaceX.&nbsp; Mon, 27 May 2024 13:52:32 +0100 News and deals <a href="/news/osborne-clarke-advises-dif-capital-partners-sale-uk-onshore-wind-farm-tfl-pension-fund" hreflang="en">Osborne Clarke advises DIF Capital Partners on the sale of UK onshore wind farm to TfL Pension Fund</a> International legal practice Osborne Clarke has advised DIF Capital Partners on the sale of a UK onshore wind farm project, through DIF Infrastructure IV ("DIF IV"), to the Transport for London ("TfL") Pension Fund.Located near Cambridge, the Wadlow wind farm project has been operational since September 2012 and was acquired by DIF IV in 2016. The wind farm has an installed capacity of 26MW and comprises 13 wind turbines. Fri, 24 May 2024 09:21:49 +0100 News and deals <a href="/news/osborne-clarke-advises-autotorino-spa-its-acquisition-mercedes-benz-headquarters-warsaw-0" hreflang="en">Osborne Clarke advises Autotorino S.p.A. in its acquisition of the Mercedes-Benz headquarters in Warsaw</a> Autotorino S.p.A., a prominent Italian automotive dealer, has signed an agreement to acquire the entire share capital of Mercedes-Benz Warszawa sp. z o.o., a company of the Mercedes-Benz group incorporated under Polish law and based in Warsaw, which operates a Mercedes-Benz sales outlet in the Polish capital.This acquisition is subject to the approval of the Polish Competition Authority (UOKiK) and is expected to be completed in the second half of 2024.Autotorino S.p.A. was expertly advised by a multidisciplinary and international Osborne Clarke team. Thu, 23 May 2024 15:33:21 +0100 News and deals <a href="/news/osborne-clarke-advises-autotorino-spa-its-acquisition-mercedes-benz-headquarters-warsaw" hreflang="en">Osborne Clarke advises Autotorino S.p.A. on its acquisition of the Mercedes-Benz headquarters in Warsaw</a> Autotorino S.p.A., an Italian automotive dealer present in Lombardy, Piedmont, Emilia-Romagna, Veneto and Friuli-Venezia Giulia, has signed an agreement for the acquisition of the entire share capital in Mercedes-Benz Warszawa sp. z o.o., a company of the Mercedes-Benz Group incorporated under Polish law and based in Warsaw, which operates a Mercedes-Benz sales outlet in the Polish capital. Wed, 22 May 2024 17:39:46 +0100 News and deals <a href="/news/analysis-sports-directs-failed-injunction-against-newcastles-replica-kit-supply-deal" hreflang="en">An analysis of Sports Direct’s failed injunction against Newcastle’s replica kit supply deal </a> The below article was written by Joachim Piotrowski, Simon Neill and James Lister for Law in Sport. Wed, 22 May 2024 16:49:45 +0100 News and deals <a href="/news/cologne-regional-court-decides-stellantis-may-not-restrict-access-vehicle-data-stream" hreflang="en">Cologne Regional Court decides: Stellantis may not restrict access to the vehicle data stream</a> In the test case A.T.U / Carglass against Stellantis Europe S.p.A (formerly FCA Italy S.p.A), the Landgericht Köln (Regional Court, Cologne) now follows the plaintiffs represented by Osborne Clarke and prohibits Stellantis from making access to the vehicle data stream dependent on arbitrary conditions.&nbsp; Tue, 21 May 2024 09:38:50 +0100 News and deals <a href="/news/osborne-clarke-wins-firm-year-legal-cheek-awards-2024" hreflang="en">Osborne Clarke wins Firm of the Year at the Legal Cheek Awards 2024</a> International legal practice Osborne Clarke is celebrating its success at the Legal Cheek Awards last night having taken home the top prize for Firm of the Year.The firm was recognised for the outstanding experience it offers its trainees and newly qualified solicitors. "This award means so much because its direct feedback that we're getting it right and delivering on what we promise," commented Zoe Reid, Osborne Clarke's Graduate Recruitment Manager. Fri, 17 May 2024 11:47:49 +0100 News and deals <a href="/news/osborne-clarke-advises-miniclip-acquisition-award-winning-games-developer-furturlab" hreflang="en">Osborne Clarke advises MiniClip on acquisition of award-winning games developer FurturLab</a> International legal practice Osborne Clarke has advised Miniclip, a leading developer and publisher of mobile games, on its acquisition of award-winning games developer, FuturLab Thu, 16 May 2024 12:43:17 +0100 News and deals <a href="/news/osborne-clarke-advises-albionvc-sale-ai-powered-email-security-platform-egress-knowbe4" hreflang="en">Osborne Clarke advises AlbionVC on sale of AI-powered email security platform Egress to KnowBe4</a> Egress, a leader in adaptive and integrated cloud email security, has agreed to be acquired by KnowBe4, the provider of the world’s largest security awareness training and simulated phishing platform. Egress is backed by Albion VC and FTV Capital.International legal practice Osborne Clarke advised AlbionVC, the venture and growth capital team was led by Justin Starling and Rob Wood. Thu, 16 May 2024 12:19:44 +0100 News and deals <a href="/news/osborne-clarke-advises-shareholders-military-training-and-simulation-company-mabway-disposal" hreflang="en">Osborne Clarke advises shareholders of military training and simulation company Mabway on disposal to Calian Group</a> International legal practice Osborne Clarke has advised the shareholders of Mabway, a defence sector simulation and training specialist, on its disposal to Ottowa-based military training, tactical equipment and support service provider Calian Group. Thu, 16 May 2024 10:20:52 +0100 News and deals <a href="/news/osborne-clarke-advises-broadsign-acquisition-outmoove" hreflang="en">Osborne Clarke advises Broadsign on the acquisition of OutMoove</a> Osborne Clarke advised Broadsign on the acquisition of Netherlands-based digital out-of-home (DOOH) ad tech provider&nbsp;OutMoove. Thu, 16 May 2024 09:29:17 +0100 News and deals <a href="/news/osborne-clarke-advises-ai-led-fintech-abounds-ps800m-funding-round" hreflang="en">Osborne Clarke advises on AI-led fintech Abound's £800m funding round </a> International law firm Osborne Clarke has advised Abound, the consumer arm of Fintern Ltd, one of the UK's fastest growing fintechs that uses AI and Open Banking to provide more accurate and affordable loans, on its most recent financing round which in aggregate could extend up to £800 million and expands total funding up to £1.3 billion. Wed, 15 May 2024 14:43:05 +0100 News and deals <a href="/news/non-profit-association-findtheorange-launches-ai-photo-contest-promote-ai-awareness" hreflang="en">Non-profit association #FindTheOrange launches AI [Photo] Contest to promote AI awareness </a> Organised by #FindTheOrange, the non-profit association founded by the international law firm Osborne Clarke in Italy, under the direction of international AI Artist and scientist Mauro Martino, the #FindTheOrange AI [Photo] Contest is a challenge involving images processed with Artificial Intelligence that aims to promote the use of this new technology and knowledge of its potential and risks. Wed, 15 May 2024 09:45:46 +0100 News and deals <a href="/news/osborne-clarke-technology-and-artificial-intelligence-increasingly-integrated-consultancy" hreflang="en">Osborne Clarke: Technology and Artificial Intelligence increasingly integrated in consultancy</a> Osborne Clarke - an innovation-focused law firm - outlines the focal points of its tech offering, also inherent to the field of Artificial Intelligence. Wed, 15 May 2024 09:38:28 +0100 News and deals <a href="/news/osborne-clarke-advises-winrg-photovoltaic-project-germany" hreflang="en">Osborne Clarke advises WiNRG on photovoltaic project in Germany</a> Osborne Clarke has advised WiNRG GmbH on the sale of a German photovoltaic project to the Dutch company Novar.WiNRG GmbH, based in Hamburg, specialises in renewable energy projects worldwide with a strong focus on the project development of ground-mounted photovoltaic plants in Germany. In addition to its own project development, the company, which was founded in 2017, also provides the evaluation and coordination of acquisitions, construction supervision for wind and solar plants and long-term O&amp;M services. Mon, 13 May 2024 13:23:21 +0100 News and deals <a href="/news/osborne-clarke-advises-arol-acquisition-stake-mst" hreflang="en">Osborne Clarke advises AROL in the acquisition of a stake in MST</a> Osborne Clarke, with a team led by partner Filippo Palmieri assisted the AROL Group in the signing for the acquisition of 80% of the share capital of MST Equipment S.r.l., a company active in the design and construction of assembly machinery for plastic closures.&nbsp;The AROL Group, world market leader present in twelve countries and operating, in particular, in the construction of cappers and capping machines, thus continues its expansion in Italy and in the main international markets.The closing will be finalised in the coming weeks. Fri, 10 May 2024 15:11:41 +0100 News and deals <a href="/news/osborne-clarke-advised-brightlands-venture-partners-and-techvision-fonds-their-investment-0" hreflang="en">Osborne Clarke advised Brightlands Venture Partners and TechVision Fonds on their investment in Vivalyx</a> Osborne Clarke has advised Brightlands Venture Partners and TechVision Fonds on their investment in the Organ Vitality Tech start-up Vivalyx GmbH as part of a seed financing round.&nbsp; Fri, 10 May 2024 09:09:15 +0100 News and deals <a href="/news/osborne-clarke-and-gianni-origoni-akno-and-unicredit-financing-development-logistics-real" hreflang="en">Osborne Clarke and Gianni & Origoni with AKNO and UniCredit in financing the development of a logistics real estate complex</a> Osborne Clarke advised the AKNO Group in the structuring and granting of development green financing provided by UniCredit, as lender, arranging bank and agent bank, for the development of a 88,188 sqm real estate complex for logistics use located in the Municipality of Nogarole Rocca (VR). Thu, 09 May 2024 15:55:05 +0100 News and deals <a href="/news/osborne-clarke-advises-mirriad-advertising-plc-ps679-million-equity-raise" hreflang="en">Osborne Clarke advises Mirriad Advertising plc on £6.79 million equity raise</a> International legal practice, Osborne Clarke, has advised AIM quoted Mirriad Advertising plc, the leading virtual in-content advertising and virtual product placement company, on its £6.79 million equity fundraising. Thu, 09 May 2024 12:09:36 +0100 News and deals <a href="/news/osborne-clarke-advises-triple-point-its-new-partnership-scale-ethical-powers-renewable-energy" hreflang="en">Osborne Clarke advises Triple Point on its new partnership to scale-up Ethical Power’s renewable energy developments across UK</a> Triple Point, the purpose-led investment manager and Ethical Power, the utility-scale solar and battery storage company, have agreed a debt facility of £7 million to support Ethical Power’s development of early-stage Solar and Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) projects in the UK.The £7 million debt facility is the start of a new partnership between Triple Point and Ethical Power. The funding will support expansion of the UK’s green energy infrastructure therefore ultimately contributing to keeping energy costs down and balancing the electrical grid. Wed, 08 May 2024 13:53:23 +0100 News and deals <a href="/news/osborne-clarke-launches-oc-green-walk-app-promotes-sustainable-commuting" hreflang="en">Osborne Clarke launches OC Green Walk: the App that promotes sustainable commuting</a> Osborne Clarke's commitment to environmental sustainability continues and grows stronger both in Italy and internationally.In Italy, Osborne Clarke has launched OC Green Walk: the App that reports on the CO2 emitted during business travel and rewards its most virtuous staff in terms of adopting sustainable forms of transport. Thu, 02 May 2024 10:36:07 +0100 News and deals <a href="/news/osborne-clarke-advises-management-team-tag-its-investment-eci-partners" hreflang="en">Osborne Clarke advises the management team of TAG on its investment from ECI Partners</a> ECI Partners, the leading growth-focused mid-market private equity firm, has announced its investment in TAG, the market leading high-touch travel management company to the entertainment and corporate markets. Wed, 01 May 2024 13:41:11 +0100 News and deals <a href="/news/osborne-clarke-responds-fca-proposal-early-announcement-enforcement-investigations" hreflang="en">Osborne Clarke responds to FCA proposal on early announcement of enforcement investigations</a> On 27 February 2024, the FCA issued a consultation paper: CP24/2 - Our enforcement guide and publicising enforcement investigations – a new approach.&nbsp; Currently, the FCA only makes announcements about its enforcement investigations at the end of the process - where a determination of regulatory misconduct has been made, and subject to certain statutory requirements - or in exceptional circumstances (such as information already having been made public).&nbsp;The FCA's new proposal is to begin announcing in Tue, 30 Apr 2024 14:46:34 +0100 News and deals <a href="/news/osborne-clarke-advises-wilmington-disposal-its-apm-french-division-philia-medical-editions" hreflang="en">Osborne Clarke advises Wilmington on the disposal of its APM French division to Philia Medical Editions </a> Osborne Clarke advised Wilmington, a leading provider of information and training in the global Governance, Risk and Compliance market, in selling its French healthcare division APM (APM International and APM Media) to Philia Medical Editions SAS.&nbsp;Philia Medical Editions SAS is a French subsidiary of Europa group, specializing in medical professional training.APM's renowned reputation for excellence and independence resonates with Europa Group's overarching global strategy, and reflects Wilmington’s proactive management approach towards the company's portfolio. Tue, 30 Apr 2024 10:49:41 +0100 News and deals <a href="/news/osborne-clarke-france-advises-five-guys-lease-renewal-its-flagship-restaurant-located-4951" hreflang="en">Osborne Clarke France advises FIVE GUYS on the lease renewal of its flagship restaurant located 49/51 Avenue des Champs Elysées in Paris</a> Osborne Clarke France has advised FIVE GUYS on the renewal of the lease of its Champs Elysées flagship restaurant. This renewal is part of the US chain's dynamic expansion and reinforcement strategy in France.The restaurant can accommodate 350 guests (including 100 on the terrace) with a surface area of approximately 1,250 sq. m.&nbsp;Osborne Clarke's teams:&nbsp; Mon, 29 Apr 2024 08:40:02 +0100 News and deals