We can help you get ready for Brexit

We can help you get ready for Brexit Icon

Make sure you’re ready for Brexit

Wherever your business is based, if you are trading (or considering new opportunities) in Europe or with the UK, Brexit is likely to become a factor sooner or later. And though it may be unclear what the exact impact will be, businesses that are well-prepared will fare better than those that are not.

At Osborne Clarke, our experts can help you to understand what Brexit will mean for your business today and going forward. We can work alongside you to assess the impact of Brexit on your business in a way that is tailored to suit your needs. Whether you are preparing for Brexit from Europe,  the US, Asia, the UK or anywhere else, we’re here to help.

How we can help

We’ll look at everything from strategy through to day to day operations to make sure that your business is as fit as possible during the Article 50 negotiations and beyond. Our Brexit Impact Advisors will work with you to assess where your business needs to take action to:

  • minimise disruption to your trading activities
  • maintain existing client and commercial relationships
  • ensure that employees have optimal legal status for relevant jurisdictions
  • preserve supply and value chain relationships
  • work with government around EU funding issues
  • establish new structures for regulatory or licensing purposes
  • “Brexit-proof” existing contracts
  • prepare or review strategies for European expansion
  • engage with government, trade associations and other stakeholders to exert influence during the Article 50 negotiations
  • plan for worst-case scenarios, including what a default to WTO/MFN terms may mean in terms of new costs, procedures and paperwork
  • for UK-based businesses, review other EU-related aspects of your operations.

But it’s not all about preparing for the worst. We will also look at the opportunities that might arise from Brexit.

As you’d expect, we’ve spent a lot of time analysing the impact of Brexit for our clients. Read more about the legal implications of Brexit here.

Choose your package

We offer a flexible range of support packages, tailored to your business’s needs and priorities. Whatever the level of support you choose, we will provide practical, tailored guidance focused on helping your business respond with confidence as the Brexit negotiations unfold.

Our team is made up of highly qualified lawyers from across our 18 international offices. This means that we can select exactly the right mix of legal disciplines and jurisdiction knowledge to suit your business, whether you are a technology business based in the UK, a transport business operating across Europe or a finance business targeting Europe from Asia or the US.