Les bracelets connectés s’invitent dans l’entreprise

Written on 12 Dec 2016

The attached article, which was published in ‘Trends Magazine’, Belgium’s no.1 business and finance magazine, explains that many employers give ‘wearables’ such as Apple watches, Garmin watches and Fitbit bracelets to their employees so as to assess how much exercise their employees get, in order to help them improve their general health and well-being, while strengthening their company’s team spirit at the same time.

Furthermore, to encourage employees to reach new exercise goals, companies sometimes give them presents, e.g. gift vouchers to get foot massages, whenever they accomplish such goals.

The article further explains that, while giving wearables to employees leads to numerous benefits, it also triggers legal issues concerning breaches of privacy. It raises questions on whether or not there is a risk of the least physically fit employees being punished somehow. Furthermore, it is speculated that insurance companies might give wearables to their clients in order to monitor their health, and adapt those clients’ health insurance policies accordingly.

Read the article here.