Brexit: challenges and opportunities in a changing world of international trade

The UK’s exit from the EU will present both challenges and opportunities across the board. Whether you are a business with a domestic UK market or one trading internationally, and regardless of whether your operations are based in the UK or not.

Our Brexit experts can help you to understand what this could mean for your business – in terms of overall impact and at the detailed operational level. We’re ready to help whether you are looking at Brexit from the UK, Europe, the US, Asia or anywhere else.

Our latest insights below, along with our Brexit lens, highlight some specific areas businesses should be looking at to start preparing for Brexit now.

Pensions and the Brexit ‘divorce bill’: a familiar tale for businesses

For many businesses observing the Brexit negotiations, one of the issues will be only too familiar: if you have a defined benefit pension scheme, how do you calculate your share...

Written on 9 Oct 2017

Read time 2m

The future of State aid regulation in the UK after Brexit: what could follow after the Repeal Bill?

The European Union (Withdrawal) Bill is currently making its controversial and precarious journey through the UK Parliament at Westminster. The Bill is being referred to by the UK Government as...

Written on 13 Sep 2017

Read time 2m

Intellectual Property post-Brexit: the European Commission’s proposals

The European Commission has today (7 September 2017) released its initial position paper on intellectual property matters, for discussion with the “EU 27” remaining Member States. It represents an attempt...

Written on 7 Sep 2017

Read time 2m

An update on EEA-UK data flows post-Brexit: UK government sets out its position

On 24 August 2017, the UK government published its latest Brexit position paper, this time setting out its plans for ensuring that personal data can continue to move back and...

Written on 7 Sep 2017

Read time 2m

Brexit and business: UK sets out its position on enforcement and dispute resolution for Brexit agreements with the EU

On 23 August 2017, the UK government published its latest Brexit position paper, on enforcement and dispute resolution of Brexit agreements between the UK and the EU. This follows a...

Written on 24 Aug 2017

Read time 7m

Brexit and business: UK seeking to replicate existing regime for cross-border disputes and enforcement

On 22 August 2017, the UK government published the latest in a series of position papers, aimed at addressing criticisms that it has been overly coy in setting out its...

Written on 23 Aug 2017

Read time 6m