Brexit: challenges and opportunities in a changing world of international trade

The UK’s exit from the EU will present both challenges and opportunities across the board. Whether you are a business with a domestic UK market or one trading internationally, and regardless of whether your operations are based in the UK or not.

Our local experts can help you to understand what this could mean for your business – in terms of overall impact and at the detailed operational level. We’re ready to help whether you are looking at Brexit from the UK, Europe, the US, Asia or anywhere else.

Our latest insights below, along with our Brexit checklist, highlight some specific areas businesses should be looking at to start preparing for Brexit now.

Brexit and business: what do the EU-Japan negotiations mean for post-Brexit dispute resolution?

Earlier this year, we highlighted the politically controversial nature of certain of the dispute resolution options set out in UK Government’s White Paper on Brexit. In particular, we noted that...

Written on 17 Aug 2017

Read time 3m

Post-Brexit: mutual recognition and enforcement of UK and EU judgments

With exit negotiations now well underway, the EU and the UK now have less than two years to negotiate the conditions of their future relationship. Among numerous issues to address,...

Written on 20 Jul 2017

Read time 5m

Brexit and business: the Repeal Bill has been published – why does it matter?

“It is one of the most significant pieces of legislation that has ever passed through Parliament and is a major milestone in the process of our withdrawal from the European...

Written on 14 Jul 2017

Read time 6m

Brexit and business: a big week for people, process and legislation – what did we learn?

The UK Prime Minister’s attendance at the European Council, the opening of Article 50 negotiations, the Queen’s Speech, and the Mansion House speech: four events this week that may have...

Written on 23 Jun 2017

Read time 5m

What does the UK government’s Brexit negotiation strategy mean for frictionless EEA-UK data flows?

The free movement of personal data within the EEA is a cornerstone of the Single Market – crucial to businesses and consumers operating in the EEA and more important than...

Written on 5 Jun 2017

Read time 7m

Brexit and business: Q&A on the UK’s withdrawal process

#Brexit talks difficult enough. If emotions get out of hand, they’ll become impossible. Discretion, moderation & mutual respect needed – Donald Tusk, President of the European Council, 4 May 2017...

Written on 5 May 2017

Read time 4m