Shorter, sharper… no real shocks: new UK Corporate Governance Code consultation

The FRC has launched a consultation on a comprehensive shake-up of the UK Corporate Governance Code, the touchstone of corporate governance for listed companies that is celebrating its quarter-century this...

Written on 14 Dec 2017

Read time 8m

Corporate governance: executive pay, stakeholders, and large private companies: the government’s nine proposals for reform

In Autumn 2016, the government published its green paper on corporate governance reform, consulting on three specific aspects: executive pay; strengthening the employee, customer and supplier voice; and corporate governance...

Written on 4 Sep 2017

Read time 8m

Belgium announces major corporate tax reform including tax rate cuts

On 26 July 2017, the Belgian Federal Government reached an agreement on the corporate tax reform originally announced in 2016. The corporate tax basis will be broadened and a number...

Written on 3 Aug 2017

Read time 4m

Build to Rent: the taxing issue of tax

The Build to Rent (BTR) sector has never been busier. The interest to institutional investors is at an all-time high. With almost every week, a new BTR fund with hundreds...

Written on 18 Jul 2017

Read time 5m

Employee Incentives Update | Summer 2017

Welcome to our Employee Incentives Update for Summer 2017. This edition covers: the important 6 July deadline for companies operating share plans and employment-related securities arrangements to file their annual...

Written on 22 Jun 2017

Read time 5m

Criminal Finances Bill 2017 passes through Parliament

The announcement of the snap election on 8 June 2017 resulted in the Criminal Finances Bill being accelerated through Parliament. With the House of Commons having agreed a number of amendments proposed...

Written on 21 Jun 2017

Read time 2m