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Why your unlimited vacation policy may be of limited use in Europe

It is no longer unusual to see US companies using unlimited vacation policies. What was perceived as a public relations coup when first announced by the likes of Netflix and...

Written on: 28 Apr 2016

Read time 4m

Appointing an EU sales agent: what to look out for

Introduction Before establishing a formal presence in the EU, many businesses decide to “test the water” by appointing a local reseller. Depending on the basis on which the reseller is...

Written on: 6 Apr 2016

Read time 5m

Brexit: what is it and should we panic?

The first question is straight forward: it is the name that has been given to the UK’s possible exit from the European Union. The question will be put to the...

Written on: 16 Mar 2016

Read time 3m

Driverless cars: What’s happening in the UK?

Everybody seems to be at it these days, everyone’s into driverless cars. It seems that if you’re a tech company without an autonomous vehicle strategy then you’ll have one soon....

Written on: 9 Mar 2016

Read time 3m

EU-US Privacy Shield texts published: is there any more certainty on the legality of EU-US data flows?

On 4 February 2016, we reported that political agreement had been reached on a new framework for transatlantic data flows, called the EU-US Privacy Shield. At that stage, limited information...

Written on: 7 Mar 2016

Read time 4m

Buying a business in Europe is just like in the US – right?

A recent conversation with a US M&A lawyer flagged to me that whilst many people consider corporate transactions to be familiar both sides of the Atlantic, there are a number...

Written on: 17 Feb 2016

Read time 3m

Can I modify the EC Model Clauses relating to data transfers?

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock for the last few months, you’ll know that the Safe Harbor framework, which previously facilitated EU-US data transfers, is no longer valid. It...

Written on: 17 Feb 2016

Read time 2m

EU-US Privacy Shield: an important step in the right direction?

On 6 October 2015, we reported that the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) had declared the long-standing U.S. Safe Harbor scheme invalid in the case of Maximillian...

Written on: 4 Feb 2016

Read time 6m

10 things US investors and parent companies need to know about the UK’s new PSC register

Do you have an investment in a UK corporate or have a UK subsidiary in your group? If so, from 6 April 2016, your details – or your investors’ details...

Written on: 4 Feb 2016

Read time 3m