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Venture capital and private equity in the USA: Outbound investments

Venture capital sector developments Whilst Silicon Valley is without doubt the birthplace of venture capital and continues to dominate the globe in terms of funds committed, Europe’s VC industry has...

Written on 27 Jan 2016

Read time 2m

International Venture Capital and Private Equity Update

In this International Venture Capital and Private Equity Newsletter, we look at current sector developments and the outlook for 2016 across the most active PE and VC jurisdictions in Europe,...

Written on 27 Jan 2016

Read time 1m

New Year, new market!

Firstly, happy new year! I hope that 2016 is successful for you and your business. We often find that with the new year brings new budgets and strategies, which often...

Written on 19 Jan 2016

Read time 4m

Audi signs deal with US city to test automated parking

Audi will test self-parking cars in Somerville, Massachusetts, as part of an agreement with the US city that focuses on developing a new urban mobility strategy. The German car maker...

Written on 31 Dec 2015

Read time 1m

The Holidays are coming…so beware EU law!

With Black Friday behind us…or even more significantly Cyber-Monday and with millions of dollars, euros and pounds being spent on gifts for the upcoming holidays, I thought I’d give some...

Written on 21 Dec 2015

Read time 3m

Do People Matter?

Of course they do! However, it’s surprising how many businesses fail to recognize their “Human Capital”. In this post, I consider some of the issues to prioritize when working with...

Written on 3 Dec 2015

Read time 4m

Safe Harbor data transfer mechanism declared invalid by CJEU: next steps for payment service providers and firms

Many payment service providers and firms operating within the industry, whether directly or as a consequence of outsourcing arrangements, are likely to be affected by the recent CJEU ruling on...

Written on 2 Dec 2015

Read time 3m

What’s all the fuss about privacy in Europe?

Anyone who carries on business in the EU must have heard about the end of Safe Harbor (at least in it’s current form). For those unfamiliar with it or for...

Written on 18 Nov 2015

Read time 3m

Global Mobility Webinar – Transfers Inbound to the US & Outbound to Europe

In today’s global economy, companies need to move international executives as well as key employees efficiently to visit their offices in other countries. They must also be prepared that these...

Written on 13 Nov 2015

Read time 2m