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The GDPR: 10 things adtech businesses need to know

Insights from Osborne Clarke’s legal experts on the business impact of the new EU General Data Protection Regulation for the online advertising industry. The new General Data Protection Regulation is...

Written on: 22 Mar 2017

Read time 11m

Changes to the UK’s tax efficient EMI stock option arrangements

Companies operating tax-advantaged enterprise management incentive (EMI) stock option arrangements for their UK employees need to be aware of some recent changes in HMRC policy. Restrictions on shares An EMI...

Written on: 7 Mar 2017

Read time 2m

Differences and commonalities of the EU and US Venture Capital Markets and business environments for start-ups

Venture capital has recently gone through some challenges on both sides of the Atlantic. The worldwide VC-industry is dominated by the US, then the EU with Asia catching up. Whilst...

Written on: 7 Mar 2017

Read time 3m

Take your game to the next level: the interactive media landscape in Europe

Every February, gaming aficionados from all over the world gather in San Francisco for GDC (the Gaming Developers Conference). The interesting thing about gaming, especially online and mobile gaming, is...

Written on: 14 Feb 2017

Read time 6m

Private Fund Limited Partnerships: the UK’s new flexible real estate investment structure for 2017

Over €50 billion of capital is expected to be invested in global real estate during 2017, with North American investors on target to grow their global real estate allocation from...

Written on: 7 Feb 2017

Read time 3m

International Private Equity and Venture Capital Update

In this international private equity and venture capital newsletter, we look at current sector developments and the outlook for 2017 across the most active PE and VC jurisdictions in Europe,...

Written on: 1 Feb 2017

Read time 1m

Private equity and venture capital in the USA (outbound investment)

As we consider the state of global investment activity, we can look back at the statistics of 2016 which show a reasonable year for cross-border investments, an increasing confidence of...

Written on: 31 Jan 2017

Read time 2m

Artificial Intelligence: Silicon Valley Tech Giants continue their race to compete for AI advantage

Artificial Intelligence (AI), an idea first conceived in the 1950s and a reliable sci-fi staple in the backlots of Hollywood studios ever since, is now a one of the hottest...

Written on: 11 Nov 2016

Read time 10m

Has international data storage become a strategic choice following the Microsoft judgment?

A US court has recently ruled that Microsoft does not have to allow the US government access to personal data (in the form of a Microsoft Hotmail user’s emails) stored...

Written on: 22 Sep 2016

Read time 4m