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First precedent for France’s new settlement procedure

On 27 July 2016, the French Competition Authority (FCA) fined Henkel France S.A.S. and its wholesaler-importers (based in several overseas French territories) approximately €615,000. The fine was imposed for the...

Written on 11 Aug 2016

Read time 2m

E-Sports in France: A legal framework at last?

The French legislator is in the process of adopting a legal framework to regulate video game competitions and certain aspects of player’s employment law status. By doing so, France will...

Written on 1 Aug 2016

Read time 2m

Tax implications for your international business operations in France

In the aftermath of Brexit, numerous US-based companies have looked at other European countries for their international business operations. France, as one of the biggest markets in the EU, is...

Written on 11 Jul 2016

Read time 2m

Global leader in the zinc sector fined €69.2 million for abuse of dominant position in France

On 23 July 2016 the French Competition Authority(FCA) fined the Belgian group UMICORE, the main supplier of rolled zinc in France, for long-running exclusivity agreements in France. Both the parent company and its French...

Written on 5 Jul 2016

Read time 3m

[Webinar] Restructuring your business in the EU: cross-border issues

This video looks at key employment-law considerations when planning international business reorganisations. The focus is on France, Belgium and The Netherlands. We explain the key steps you should take to meet...

Written on 30 Jun 2016

Read time 1m

Competition compliance – minimising liability across Europe

Over the last two decades, competition law has become one of the biggest liability risks for firms, making it a top priority in risk management. As competition authorities around the...

Written on 28 Jun 2016

Read time 5m

French design law: what are the current issues?

Since the implementation of the EU Design Directive (the Directive) in 2001, the French courts have made a number of decisions on design rights and a number of issues raised...

Written on 8 Jun 2016

Read time 3m

French and German competition authorities focus on Big Data and Online advertisement

On 23 May the French Competition Authority (FCA) launched an inquiry into conditions of data operations in online advertising that could lead to future competition investigations. Released directly after the publication on 10...

Written on 6 Jun 2016

Read time 2m

Vers une action en réparation de pratiques anticoncurrentielles plus efficace

Les actions en indemnisation des victimes de pratiques anticoncurrentielles constituent un élément majeur d’un système efficace de sanction des infractions au droit de la concurrence à l’initiative de la sphère...

Written on 11 May 2016

Read time 5m