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Venture capital and private equity in Italy

Market developments The Italian venture capital investment market had a very interesting 2015, with around 100 new investments, totalling more than €100 million. The trend seems to be increasing in...

Written on 27 Jan 2016

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BEPS: Italy, an update

Following the presentation in Autumn 2015 of the BEPS measures package by the OECD, Italy continues to confirm its intention to introduce new tax rules by way of implementation of...

Written on 3 Nov 2015

Read time 3m

Crowd Dialog Europe 2015 – Italia

Il 27 agosto ad Helsinki si è svolto il “crowddialog 2015”, manifestazione organizzata in collaborazione con la Commissione Europea alla quale hanno partecipato oltre 40 esperti di CrowdSourcing, CrowdFunding e...

Written on 1 Sep 2015

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The Legal Nature of Online Gambling Schemes under Italian Copyright Law

Inventors of online gambling schemes for online games and contests are suffering bad times in Italy, as the precise copyright law status – and therefore the possible extent of protection...

Written on 7 Jul 2015

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Italian Data Protection Authority Publishes Cookie Guidelines

The Italian Data Protection Authority’s (DPA) guidelines on the use of cookie have entered into force. All operators of Italian websites must now provide certain cookie information to all users...

Written on 7 Jul 2015

Read time 2m

Lending Crowdfunding: anche l’Italia è pronta per il mercato dei finanziamenti alternativi a favore delle imprese?

L’Italia è pronta per il mercato dei fi nanziamenti alternativi a favore delle imprese? Sarà una sfi da utilizzare una piattaforma che gestisce le richieste di fi nanziamento e ricerca...

Written on 12 Jun 2015

Read time 4m

Osborne Clarke’s Partner Umberto Piattelli discusses crowfunding on SmartLife 24

Umberto Piattelli, interviewed by journalist Leonardo Panetta, for the program SmartLife24, broadcast on the Mediaset TGCOM channel, takes stock of the developments in equity and lending crowdfunding in Italy.

Written on 13 May 2015

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[Video] Developing smart cities in Italy

Piero Viganò, Partner at Osborne Clarke, discusses smart city development in Italy. Download a copy of Osborne Clarke’s report into smart cities across Europe here.

Written on 13 Mar 2015

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“Immature poets imitate; mature poets steal”

To a significant extent, the richness of art – in any of its many forms – derives from reworking familiar stories, images and thoughts into a new, unfamiliar form which...

Written on 12 Mar 2015

Read time 3m