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International Competition Update | March 2018

  As we move into the spring, the competition authorities seem to be working hard to update and clarify their respective remits and procedures, from the Italian Competition Authority grappling...

Written on: 29 Mar 2018

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Concession contracts in Spain’s new Public Procurement Law

The new Public Procurement Law introduces important new features in the area of public works concession contracts and services concession contracts. On 9 March 2018, Public Procurement Law 9/2017 of...

Written on: 22 Mar 2018

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Spain’s approach with regard to the scope of anti-abuse rules in the Multilateral Instrument

As we all know, Spain took part in the signing ceremony of the Multilateral Instrument, in Paris, in June 2017. The Multilateral Instrument completes the work undertaken as a result...

Written on: 22 Mar 2018

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Comments on the Spanish Supreme Court judgment of 8 February 2018 regarding employers’ monitoring of employees’ IT resources

The particular importance of this judgment lies in the fact that it is the first ruling of the Supreme Court following the Judgement of the European Court of Human Rights...

Written on: 22 Mar 2018

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The flexibility of consent within the framework of biomedical research in Spain

The Spanish Data Protection Agency’s legal department considers that the adoption of the General Data Protection Regulation on 25 May 2018 not only respects the existing regulatory framework in the...

Written on: 22 Mar 2018

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Imposing sanctions as a new measure to fight corporate default

Spanish Congress debates a legislative proposal (Propuesta de Ley) to reinforce the fight against late payment in response to the European Union demand for the correct implementation of the Insolvency...

Written on: 21 Mar 2018

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Case law analysis of Mortgage Loan Reference Index clauses in Spain (Judgment No. 669/2017, of 14 December)

In Spain, particularly since 2008, coinciding with the beginning of the economic crisis, many financial entities felt attracted by the idea of referencing the mortgage loans to alternative indices that...

Written on: 21 Mar 2018

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Important changes in the interpretation of the remuneration of executive directors: the Spanish Supreme Court makes it subject to the statutory framework and the maximum annual amount established by the shareholders at the general meeting

The Civil Division of the Spanish Supreme Court, in its judgment dated 26 February 2018, has analysed the directors’ remuneration system for the first time following the changes introduced by...

Written on: 19 Mar 2018

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Osborne Clarke analyses crowdfunding market barriers for FISMA report

Findings provide the basis for crowdfunding regulation on a European level International legal practice Osborne Clarke has worked with the European Crowdfunding Network (ECN) to co-edit the study: “Identifying market...

Written on: 16 Mar 2018

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