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International Private Equity and Venture Capital Update

In this international private equity and venture capital newsletter, we look at current sector developments and the outlook for 2017 across the most active PE and VC jurisdictions in Europe,...

Written on 1 Feb 2017

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Private equity and venture capital in Italy

Overview of 2016 In Italy, 2016 was a year of consolidation for the private equity and venture capital market, with the same number of investments completed as in 2015 but...

Written on 31 Jan 2017

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La Corte Costituzionale salva lo “Spalma Incentivi”

The Italian Constitutional Court saves the “Spalma incentivi” Decree On 24 January 2016, decision n. 16/2017 of the Constitutional Court was filed, revealing the grounds for the decision confirming the...

Written on 30 Jan 2017

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Italy extends Tax Benefits for Audiovisual Works – Good News for Games?

The Italian legislature has established several measures in favour of the cinema and audio-visual sector and a mandate has been given to the Government to reform some sector laws, assimilating...

Written on 16 Dec 2016

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Italy: grounds of exclusion from participation in public procurement procedures and antitrust infringements

In April 2016, by legislative decree n. 50/2016 – implementing the EU Directives 2014/23/EU, 2014/24/EU and 2014/25/EU – the Italian government amended the public procurement code (“PP Code”) introducing some...

Written on 5 Dec 2016

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Implications of the end of the first antitrust class action in Italy

The first antitrust class action, brought by two consumer associations, has been watched closely in Italy.  However, it came to an end recently, before getting to trial, when the Supreme...

Written on 7 Nov 2016

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The Italian Antitrust Authority’s spotlight on antitrust compliance programmes: The ‘Vending’ case

Following the adoption of new Guidelines on Fines in 2014, the Italian Antitrust Authority (“IAA”) now offers a reduction in fines of up to 15% when the company under investigation...

Written on 4 Oct 2016

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Competition authorities across the EU launch a survey on “parity clauses” in the hotel booking platforms sector

The issue of rate parity clauses continues to develop across the EU.  This year has seen investigations in multiple member states, often with divergent approaches: Germany banning ‘most favoured nation’...

Written on 4 Oct 2016

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Implementing competition law compliance – Italy

In October 2014, the Italian Antitrust Authority (IAA) adopted Guidelines on the calculation of administrative fines (Guidelines), with the aim of ensuring transparency, predictability and objectivity of its decisions. In...

Written on 28 Jun 2016

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