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The GDPR: 10 things adtech businesses need to know

Insights from Osborne Clarke’s legal experts on the business impact of the new EU General Data Protection Regulation for the online advertising industry. The new General Data Protection Regulation is...

Written on 22 Mar 2017

Read time 11m

Italy: the Council of State annuls the decision of the Italian Antitrust Authority concerning a bid rigging case in the public transport insurance services sector

On 7 March 2017, the Council of State – confirming the judgement of the court of first instance – finally overturned the Italian Antitrust Authority’s (IAA) decision that Generali Italia...

Written on 20 Mar 2017

Read time 2m

Osborne Clarke porta il litigation funding in Italia

“Alcuni fondi interessati e primi dossier sul tavolo. La tipologia di cause finanziabili sotto la lente? Il contenzioso in materia di private enforcement nel diritto antitrust.  La giustizia civile in Italia sta provando a cambiare: tempi di definizione...

Written on 14 Mar 2017

Read time 1m

Private copy levy system: how do recent developments in Spain compare with other EU jurisdictions?

In a judgment given on 10 November 2016, the Spanish Supreme Court annulled the existing private copy levy system which replaced the previous “fee” system on all suitable devices. We...

Written on 9 Mar 2017

Read time 8m

International Private Equity and Venture Capital Update

In this international private equity and venture capital newsletter, we look at current sector developments and the outlook for 2017 across the most active PE and VC jurisdictions in Europe,...

Written on 1 Feb 2017

Read time 1m

Private equity and venture capital in Italy

Overview of 2016 In Italy, 2016 was a year of consolidation for the private equity and venture capital market, with the same number of investments completed as in 2015 but...

Written on 31 Jan 2017

Read time 1m

La Corte Costituzionale salva lo “Spalma Incentivi”

The Italian Constitutional Court saves the “Spalma incentivi” Decree On 24 January 2016, decision n. 16/2017 of the Constitutional Court was filed, revealing the grounds for the decision confirming the...

Written on 30 Jan 2017

Read time 3m

Italy extends Tax Benefits for Audiovisual Works – Good News for Games?

The Italian legislature has established several measures in favour of the cinema and audio-visual sector and a mandate has been given to the Government to reform some sector laws, assimilating...

Written on 16 Dec 2016

Read time 2m

Italy: grounds of exclusion from participation in public procurement procedures and antitrust infringements

In April 2016, by legislative decree n. 50/2016 – implementing the EU Directives 2014/23/EU, 2014/24/EU and 2014/25/EU – the Italian government amended the public procurement code (“PP Code”) introducing some...

Written on 5 Dec 2016

Read time 2m