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Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI), particularly machine learning, is spreading steadily and inexorably across business, industry and our everyday lives.

From financial services trading and modelling to the rise of autonomous vehicles, from optimisation of processes to predictive repair and maintenance, intelligent technology is being deployed to make life easier.

Our AI team is an early leader in this field, not least because our legal expertise is underpinned by technical understanding of the technology. Able to see through the hype and misconceptions, we add value for clients by analysing with clarity the legal issues and regulatory risks which our clients face in their AI projects.

We also provide thought leadership for enterprise and public policy decision-makers in ways which are more than merely legal, helping to crystallise the ethical issues to ensure responsible use of this extraordinary technology.

We act for some of the world’s most significant AI developers and users, including a global SaaS, software and AI provider and a major global social media network. Our work ranges from providing guidance on the liability of in-store autonomous retail robots, to advising on the use of facial recognition tools, to advising on indirect discrimination issues in relation to an AI-driven content filtering tool.

Contact one of our AI experts to learn more about how this game-changing technology can make an impact on your business.

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