The New Age of Data in Real Estate – our report with

AI, Data and Transformative Technologies

Exciting, challenging, innovative digital technologies, and the data that typically powers it, are driving transformation across the sectors.

Data, artificial intelligence (AI) and other transformative technologies offer the potential for new insights, new products and services, new efficiencies and new business models. They also raise new questions. Our experts' depth of understanding around the digital technology that is shaping the future drives our commercially oriented, pragmatic approach to the resulting legal and regulatory issues.

The volume of data being created – consciously or not – has exploded. Data-driven innovation is now a feature of every sector. Understanding the matrix of legal, contractual and regulatory rights around data is a fundamental step in transforming data in to an asset and then realising it. Our DATA Unlocked offerings can help build that understanding.

Data powers the wave of transformative technologies that are reshaping, predicting and policing how we work, live and spend our leisure time. AI, particularly machine learning, is becoming all-pervasive – from optimising financial services trading and predictive modelling to powering autonomous decisions in vehicles. We also advise on projects ranging from blockchain and cryptocurrencies to digital twins and the Internet of Things. We support our clients in developing and deploying immersive technologies such as virtual and augmented reality. We are working with clients in the vanguard of future mobility, robotics, and automation. Looking ahead, we are excited about the promise of next generation connectivity, and emerging technologies such as quantum computing and brain-computer interfaces.

Our AI, data and transformative technologies team are early leaders in these fields, advising clients from early stage start-ups to some of the world's most significant and sophisticated developers and users of digital technology. We provide thought leadership around the societal and ethical challenges in ensuring public trust and responsible use of new technology. We know how to manage risk in the face of a regulatory or legislative lacuna, creating legal clarity through well crafted contractual frameworks. We can shape intellectual property strategy and are skilled in both protecting the value in data and releasing it. We bring to the table our depth of experience in our clients' sectors, whether that means understanding the nuances of the commercial context or the detail of sector-specific regulation.

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