In today’s world it is vital that your business retains its competitive edge to succeed tomorrow. Your trade relationships, information, assets and opportunities can be irreparably damaged if your workforce business protection mechanisms fail to evolve with the ever changing technological and legal landscape.

Our specialist employment team can help ensure that you have all angles covered to put your business on the strongest footing – from bespoke restrictive covenants and confidentiality provisions, through to IP and professional networking / social media restrictions.

Unfortunately, however, it is also likely that members of your workforce are waiting in the wings to leave your business – and take part of it with them.  It is all too easy (and tempting) to take confidential information with one click of a button, organise a team move or poach clients using networking sites.  Whatever your issue, our experienced team is on hand to help you immediately address the threat and minimise the risks to your business and reputation.

Our team has extensive experience in helping protect businesses from anti-competitive practices – including protecting confidential information and enforcing covenants, preventing team moves and obtaining undertakings, damages and injunctions.  Our team also helps companies sitting on the other side of the fence too – from successfully arguing restrictions are not enforceable all the way through to advising on the best ways to onboard restricted employees and their teams and expanding client bases.

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