International legal practice Osborne Clarke's Partner and Head of Construction and Engineering Disputes & Risk, Rob Horne, has contributed three chapters to "Global Construction Success," a new book written by Charles O'Neil and a number of co-authors.

Published by Wiley Blackwell in February 2019, “Global Construction Success” brings together the accumulated experience of multiple experts in the industry and applies it to breaking the cycle failed construction projects. The co-authors highlight 35 common causes of failure and look at what can be done to improve outcomes from a project level, in the board room, and for the industry as a whole.

"The contract and the programme are cornerstones to effective risk management and a successful project, they harness and focus the data needed to understand risk and opportunity," commented  co-author Rob Horne whose three chapters are central to the themes of the book and highlight ways readers can learn from past mistakes to achieve greater future success.

Horne's chapters also explain the importance and opportunities arising from using the contract as a risk management tool,  effective planning and programming of major projects and the use of technology to manage and control project risk.

"The rise in technology beyond BIM as a design tool and its impact on the market is so fundamental but there is still too little thought applied to how technology can be used to shape and guide successful outcomes. Contributing to a book that has the potential to shape a successful future has been an honour and working with such knowledgeable co-authors a genuine pleasure," said Horne.

Horne has previously co-authored "The Expert Witness in Construction", "Human Dynamics in Construction Risk Management" and "International Construction Contract Law" as well as being part of the drafting committee for Adjudication Guidance Notes published by the Chartered Institute of Arbitrator and the Adjudication Society and the UK Construction Guide for Chambers and Partners

"Global Construction Success" is unique book which applies law, commercial practice, technology and behavioural science in a thoroughly readable and memorable way.

Selected endorsements include:

“Charles O’Neil and his co-authors have produced an impressive and important contribution to the construction industry that should be read by everyone involved in construction projects”.

Lord Andrew Adonis former Secretary of State for Transport

"Construction is too important as a driver of the global economy for the risks of failure to be as high as they are. This book offers an agenda for de-risking construction.”

Chris Blythe CEO of the CIOB

"I believe we stand at an unprecedented crossroads in the construction industry's evolution driven by a structural and long-term decline in skills and capability… This book is a very useful reference point using key lessons learned and pointing the way forward"

Mark Farmer Author of The Construction Industry Review “Modernise or Die” 2016

"Charles O’Neil and his contributors tackle the underlying issues in construction head on.  This book sets out clear recommendations aimed at achieving tangible change."

Professor Peter Hansford Former Chief Construction Adviser to the UK Government

So many Governments and industry stakeholders around the world are anxious to see construction sector reform for major improvement in delivery. So why doesn’t it happen faster? The insights in this book are hugely valuable to policy makers and industry leaders everywhere"

Don Ward CEO of Constructing Excellence, UK

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