“Appeln” was sold by Energiekontor AG, a development and operations company. Its acquisition will increase CHORUS’ total capacity of all solar and wind parks 265 megawatts, alongside its four plants with a capacity of 11.4 megawatts that are scheduled to be operational by mid-December 2015. The total investment volume, including the dept component, amounts to 21 million euros. The expected sales contribution amounts to around 2.4 million euros.

The Osborne Clarke team that advised on the purchase was led by Dr Alexander Dlouhy (M&A, energy industry law) and Dr Isabella Niklas (M&A, renewable energies) who were assisted by Dr Daniel Breuer (energy industry law), Dr Thorsten Behle (public law), Anneke Klütsch (real estate law) and Efthimios Detsikas (corporate law). The German team has most recently advised the company on the acquisition of the wind park „Blaues Eck”.

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