This review explains specific national regulatory regimes and different applications of European law in the member states, currently and in the medium-term. Furthermore it describes the legal frameworks in other relevant countries outside of the European Union.

Evolving area needs uniform regulatory regime

Lawyers at international legal practice Osborne Clarke have written the chapters for Germany, France, Italy, Spain and the UK. OC’s Cologne partner Tanja Aschenbeck-Florange and associate Thomas Nagel have supervised and coordinated all contributions in the review.

Tanja-Aschenbeck-Florange comments:

“Crowdfunding is evolving more quickly than any other area of corporate finance, and the regulators across Europe are struggling to keep up across the EU Member States. The goal is a uniform pan-European regulated market but we are still far away from being there. The ECN Review provides a comparison of 30 countries – almost all EU countries, USA, Canada and Israel – with a detailed description of the regulatory regime in any jurisdiction. It is an invaluable tool for all market participants.”

The European Crowdfunding Network is the European association of market participants. It actively supports a harmonised European market and supports, among others, the EU Commission and other European institutions in their efforts to promote a harmonised market.

Osborne Clarke is one of the leading law firms in the field of Crowdfunding. The firm advises international platform operators, Crowdfunding-financed companies and business angel networks. OC is part of an EU Commission-financed research project on the issue of Crowdfunding and Renewables.

Please find the full review here.

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