Artificial Intelligence is a rapidly evolving technology which is surrounded by hype, misinformation and hysteria, with very little cogent or helpful written aid for legal practitioners.

In his new book launched this week 'Artificial Intelligence – The Practical Legal Issues’, John Buyers, a commercial solicitor, Partner and leader of Osborne Clarke's international Artificial Intelligence group, helps to guide readers through the implications and structure of existing AI technologies while providing a practical and easily digestible path to the real issues that legal practitioners need to consider.

The book provides a grounding of what differentiates artificially intelligent systems from traditional technology and explains the differences between AI, machine learning and deep learning as well as other AI concepts such as neural networks. Understanding what AI systems can and cannot do is also essential to developing a clear legal awareness of the technology.

From these introductory foundations, readers will learn how the deployment of AI technology creates issues and risks that need to be considered carefully and that permeate across causation, intellectual property ownership, confidentiality and data protection, recruitment and even criminal law. In each case John suggests practical approaches to solving and mitigating such risks and shows readers how current liability frameworks need to be adapted to accommodate these risks.

John Buyers is a frequent commentator on the topic of artificial intelligence and the law and speaks regularly both in the UK and internationally on the subject. His practice is largely based on transactional IT and outsourcing in the financial services sector with a banking and insurance focus. He regularly advises users and suppliers of Artificial Intelligence based systems.

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