Mario is a qualified chartered accountant (commercialista) and auditor, who has been dealing with all corporate tax aspects for two decades.

Mario combines his legal-economic background and tax specialisation to provide tax and corporate advice to corporate clients from a wide variety of industries, including primarily the automotive, real estate, electronics, and healthcare sectors.

The ability and speed of adaptation to the processes of change that characterise modern economies represent a key element for business competitiveness and continuity.

During his many years of professional experience, he has dealt with mergers and acquisitions, start-ups, due diligence, tax planning, tax litigation and has maintained, with the support of his collaborators, the coordination of accounting and tax services, managing on behalf of his clients the main administrative tasks such as financial statements and tax returns, accounting, as well as ongoing consultancy.

Mario holds auditing positions in various companies.

Helping you succeed in tomorrow's world

Periods of major economic change often include tax reforms as economic policy levers. Years of experience in corporate taxation is one of the elements necessary to adapt promptly and efficiently in these transitional phases and to seize the opportunities where possible.