Meet Katharina, a dynamic leader in the Technology, Media, and Communications Sector, serving as Senior Vice President, Market Management at Osborne Clarke. With a wealth of experience and a passion for global expansion, Katharina partners closely with OC's US clients, assisting them in achieving their cross-border growth ambitions while navigating the intricacies of managing their international business.

Having joined Osborne Clarke in the summer of 2023, Katharina brings a robust background in developing and leading Operations Teams, as well as driving Business Development and forging Partnerships in the tech, HR, and Venture space. Her impressive track record includes working with a diverse range of US businesses, from startups to Fortune 500 companies. Throughout her career, she has specialized in establishing partnerships in the realms of US business, technology, Venture Capital, and Private Equity, culminating in a comprehensive understanding of how to help organizations expand their market share and operational scale on both domestic and international fronts.

As part of her role, Katharina closely collaborates with Osborne Clarke's US-based clients, seamlessly connecting them with the firm's global network of law offices to cater to their international legal requirements. Acting as a time-zone friendly contact, she fills the role of a vital link, leveraging her specialized knowledge of global business to bridge any potential gaps. Katharina's unique expertise ensures clients receive the right support for their international ventures, whether they are startups or established conglomerates, seeking assistance with international product launches, expansions, organizational and personnel restructuring, acquisitions, disposals of international assets, or navigating complex international regulations.

A German native who made the move to the US two decades ago, Katharina's educational background in business is complemented by her active involvement in mentoring international startups within the US and serving as a Board Advisor. Her commitment to empowering emerging ventures further exemplifies her dedication to fostering growth and innovation in the business community.

With Katharina's seasoned experience and extensive network, she crafts comprehensive solutions that draw upon Osborne Clarke's profound sector expertise and broad service capabilities. As an integral part of the team, Katharina contributes significantly to Osborne Clarke's mission of providing top-tier legal support tailored to each client's unique international business needs.

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